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conversely, there is nothing more glorious... than the last minute comeback. >> this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news starts at 7 now. fire at a strip mall in union city leaving one firefighter injured and nine businesses and acted by the plans to have a live report ahead.
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>> and the athletics in giants staying alive with winds last night both forcing game for today. what more on both teams later to tell you why not all athletics fans were happy. calling the weather and traffic we have some light rain row with the bay area this morning we saw some lighting as well we will get the twan a 25 minute commute. for talking about a
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35-40 minute commute if you're coming from highway 24. from the east shore freeway a 45 minute drive time to forget the backed up for your ride on interstate 80 begins san paolo and it will be solid traffic along the lower east shore freeway. for another to lead a hot spot in san jose and early morning accident toward santa clara from the coyote valley. >> downtown san francisco contending with some mid- level clout. to see a mix of sun and clouds into the afternoon temperatures low sixties to mid '70's. mostly cloudy conditions that we get into the evening hours will on the ride we saw earlier this morning as well as those lightning strikes coming up just a bit. >> thanks to america we want to get to our new story which is out of union city and had a major fire earlier which damaged a number of this is inside the strip
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mall. " trans live from the scene. are they still putting any water on the seefire. >> one firefighter was injured by shattered glass it could have been worse there were firefighters walking on the roof. here's a shot with her mass can you conceive the roof collapse 49 businesses they were walking along and ahead of them the roof collapsed. the firefighters decided it was too dangerous and pulled back. here is video of the there also
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firefighters inside the building who noticed the fire was above them and
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pulled out. the fire department believed this fire got a good head start it was smoldering when they alive and the fact that the roof collapsed that's why they believe it was going on a while longer before they arrived. it took them more than 90 minutes to knock down the flames and get apvy w
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also a solo home run that put them up 2-0 we will check in with jackie sissel coming up in the next half hour and live report from the coliseum there was a lot of confusion. some unhappy fans and dozens of them outside of the game showed up with the wrong tickets they have game 3 tickets and were turned away that is because the last night was game three of the american league division serious it was in game one of the homestand. the tickets are confusing it says division 3
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serious home game that will be scheduled for tomorrow if the athletics win today. a lot of upset people cannot buy tickets to get in because the game was sold out. there is a game today that is game 4 or game two of the home stand depending on how you want to look at it aof the division series. if you have ticketsclearing thay people. 7: 07. san francisco sheriff mirkarimi will keep his job despite his conviction in a domestic filing case involving his wife. four members of the
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board of supervisors voted to allow mirkarimi to remain in office for his removal would have required nine foes of the 11 member board only seven voted for his dismissal and not enough to kick him out this decision comes nearly seven months after he pleaded guilty to a bister meter c charharge. the malthe board was not convinced that the sheriff should be vermouth. oallw 3 but experts say that gas prices will only come down a slight bit. we would not release it until this weekend. >> the time now 7: 09 will be back with more and a couple of minutes as tech alive look at the golden gate bridge. this is doing much fatter than the bay
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bridge which saw hot spot. the golden gate seems to be clear traffic and whether wise.
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>> welcome back to the kron for morning news the dow
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slides down yesterday. sitting at 13,00431. we're waiting to see how kerning season shapes up for companies. . costco coming out with good numbers this morning. >> thanks allot marked the u.s. government issuestill wait wells fargo over mortgage fraud. for making reckless and fraudu cla on defaulted loans which and fraudu cla on defaulted loans which were also certified by wells we don't call this our company, and fraudu cla on defaulted loans which were also certified by wells we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at
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>> welcome back to the kron for morning news. it was
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two lanes blocked on the upper deck with a scooter big rig accident for nearly an hour if has pushed the back of all the way through the macarthur maze. the traffic that to talk about some of the dry times. 25 minutes from the nimitz freeway where the backup is of a way to 80 split. 580 is back up to harrison. 24 is backed up to rock ridge. almost to highway 13 for a 26 minute drive time
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after cupertino. there was an accident here tied up traffic out of los gatos coming onto highway 85 north bound with slow traffic with a crash located near lark. >> looking at the san mateo bridge we will see construction delays in the next hour that could account for 22 minutes defive times. let sawu b air.& for 22 minutes defive times. let sawu b air.& comfortable conditions it will be cool to mild it depends on where you are situated. low seventies and the south bay with 72 on tap for sunnyvale 71% to clarence campbell. 724 walnut creek. >> 69 in union city mostly sunny skies for richmond and 66 decrees low 60s if you're heading to ocean beach. again look forward to morning fault afternoon sunshine will see a mix of sun and clouds slow the
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seasonal average. the 7 day around a forecast of not much change in the numbers as we heard into thursday and friday to see a little jump to the upper 70's and saturday. comfortable conditions with plenty of sunshine to go around as we start the next four weeks. >> 7: 19 and to american
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researchers are nobel prize winners in chemistry this morning. one a professor at stanford university school of medicine. the stanford professor studied protein receptors. these receptors allow body cells sense and respond outside signals like labor and food and danger. the royal swedish academy of sciences says those discoveries were groundbreaking. an update on a deadly meningitis outbreak 12 people have have now died from tainted steroid shots. the number of people has reached 119 people becoming sick intep
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>> american airlines is now losing business from their business customers. american says they had 7% fewer blind customers on its domestic flights compare to the year before the carrier had to cut domestic flights primarily because of the labor dispute with its pilots. business travelers say they cacali skyrocket. four offices may be postponed for a year because of the pension reforms. >> will take a break at 7: 22 back with more headlines in just a couple of minutes. mount tam giving us a beautiful shot of some of the clouds we saw overnight. we will get an update with erica of the weather.
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sorry i was another attempt to a reprimand by could hea
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a 7: 29 right now we're looking at clouds over san francisco. will be checking the weather for you for to get right to george tracking the hot spots. >> insult to injury, i believe that's how the expression goes a new style hot on thall. the back up remais with us the damage is done the drive times are over 30 minutes now from the back up and the trip up into stanford's is go expect those types to grow. highway 24 backed up to 13 interstate 580 backed up beyond harassing. 880 north bound that is a 25 minute delay even coming from the nimitz freeway and interstate 80 is backed up. even now starting to back up the ride on the 580 driving richmond and heading toward the lord the short freeway. >> well george the showers have passed through and it looks like the system we have been tracking is sagging to our south. we do keep the possibility of some residual showers as we head into the afternoon for the bay area but mostly looking a mix of sun and clouds looks like temperatures in
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the '50s to the most part 45 waiting up and napa 56 in palo alto. >> thank-you erica a quick update on the giants and a's leading to play another game today. a great day yesterday for bay area baseball. the giants got it done on the road in cincinnati. the big play coming in the 10th inning. a to out era for the-vest the third baseman and two--the giants had three hits on the night and that has been their problem hitting this division series they managed to get the win. the rest still leave the
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series two games to one. game 4 is today at 1: 07 our time. barry's ito on the mound in cincinnati. game 3 of the american league division last night at the coliseum brett anderson still a good job. this was the play of the game by cocoa crisp reaching over the wall and robbing the player of a home run. a sellout crowd at theoe+ it looks like they are taking a
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rest are they standing down at the moment. >> their access wrapping up their starting to pull out of here. finally have the fire completely under control and put out. it has left a lot of damage. the sun has come up in the past hour we're getting our first look at some of the damage. you can see at a distance some of the crates completely charred. this fire broke out about 2: 15 this morning. it started in this pallet manufacturing plant and spread to about four or five surrounding businesses. some other
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trucks caught on fire a real challenge for fire crews. it took more than four hours to complete the put the fire out. as for the cause of the fire investigators or fire crews say the weather up the thunderstorms may have played a part. >> right before the fire started it was lighting that went to the area. that is one of the possibilities. it is under investigation. if this point we are not really sure. the next step in this is that a fire investigator will try and determine if a lightning strike did cause the fire. i can tell you a they ar devastated to see this damage to the place where they worked for a couple of years. absolutely. >> what other businesses does this affect and are they close this morning. >> there are four or five different ones. this behind me were the worst part of
7:35 am
the damage is is actually a hauling company. they move materials and supplies. that area is completely burned to the ground. the hauling company from what i can tell is the most badly impacted. >> very good you could really tell the damage out the sun is up thanks a lot like. >> thank you we are also following another fire in union city. for alarm fire at a strip mall. firefighters--a firefighter had an injury to the back of the hand so far that is the only injury. nine businesses were damaged it took a cruise within two hours to completely knock the fire down. the roof collapsed. the flames were intense. luckily firefighters backed off the roof as it began to
7:36 am
collapse. there were also firefighters inside on the bottom floor when they noticed through giving way. and they got out just in time before it all came crashing down will have more updates on the scene throughout the morning. >> san francisco share ross mirkarimi get his job back. he is reinstated after the city's board of supervisors failed to vote short of holding up miscon removal from office. they only received seven. this comes at the amount of legal debate over mayor the release job. houg the system
7:37 am
worked and i'm glad we finally got to this crossroads this is agonizing and tortures as it has been. for the people of san francisco but the system worked. as soon as we were exiting i made it clear to the press that we mend fences. i heard and hear everything that all of the members of the board of supervite kim voted to reinstate mirkarimi. it is 7: 37 we have alive look outside. uc to back up here we have an earlier accident and the backup continues to grow that is how hot spot
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>> welcome back 7: 40. 3, 2, 1 and lift off lift off of the space >> you may remember this video was shown to you a couple of days ago that is attractive capsule atop the space rocket that had to the space station it is timely there. the station crew use their robotic arm to grasp the space exit vehicle is
7:42 am
called the dragon. it is the first official delivered by the california-based company has a $1.6 billion contract with nasa. there was even ice-cream on board. speakingthe australian daredevils that limit to jump from the edge of space his experiment has been postponed. when the weather caused some to call off yesterday's historic job. he is trying to set a record for the highest ever free- fall. is hoping to become the first person to break the sound barrier in the sky dive. he would do he hopes the way he's planning on jumping on the capital he lifted a giant balloon. >> time now 7: 42 we will be back in a couple of minutes. our big story the a's and
7:43 am
the giants. and our because pie is at the bay bridge in the conceit as to get through all 2580 and 80 showing the backed up by golden gate fields will be back with the update
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>> welcome back to the kron for morning news our major hot spots the bay bridge and all of its approaches. kazakhstans there and it was the early morning crash that
7:46 am
blocked the two lines that nearly jammed up the ride for an hour. you will see some movement is only part of the story. from interstate 80 here's a look at the ride up the 580 split in albany this is the west bound ride and it is as you can see mostly stop and go slow in go conditions here. the backup actually began up beyond 13. 580 backed up young harrison down to the time and flames or that 80 eastbound split. drive times from here are well over 70 minutes coming down from highway 80 s-along highway 80 from highway 4. the
7:47 am
commute from here is coming in about 28 minutes test to get the backup that does not include the slow traffic. an accident just west of the meter and light. we have been tracking delays for the ride to the south bay. 280 once again in the northbound direction and 17 and 85 were both very slow this morning as well. san mateo bridge again this morning
7:48 am
delays. the golden gate ride a little have a basically problem free southdown. >> concede activity to our south we have some scattered showers just out to los gatos and to the west. for the most part the wet weather is out of our hair experience of lightning strikes this morning. we will be content with cloudy santa rosa. 60 '70s and it looks like we will cool down into the 8:00 hour tonight we are into the '50s with a north bay. seventies in the south bay on top for mountain bay. 72 for
7:49 am
sunnyvale. antioch 68 for san leandro and the north a low '70's sunshine will prevail 62 downtown san francisco and 66 expected in berkeley. a first pitch at 637 expected result '60s at the coliseum. former conditions as to her head into the weekend. >> as of measure making pitches and getting people out so you >> and they gotta win today again of the a's and giants. a very happy night around these parts. those game cannot take your eye off of. i guess you can but i can't. some start with the giants >> did it really all comes down to that fumble i am a highlight watcher and i saw that one with the reds dropped the ball and did that pretty much do it. >> well when you get one hit over nine innings its was
7:50 am
just one of those things are both picttchers are both good. >> i love that it was at the red house i love that >> i love that it was at the red house i love that the reds all had their those from around there were dropped. >> when you have a big game like this and you were looking and brooms. >> absolutely forbid this week does not happen. >> the guy at third base to see that coming up in the
7:51 am
highlight eight times he has won a gold glove. which means your the best at your position third base and it was a tough play it was a off the top but you have to make those plays. >> so that was exciting and the oakland a's i don't know somehow they didn't even more spectacular i guess p c >> a lot of people are
7:52 am
affected so the walk up to the box office and they said i would like tickets to game 3 is game free ride. and instead they give them tickets to home game 3 which would really be the next game. that's game five. the owners want to move to san jose but that's drastic. >> you're holding a ticket to game 4 but it was a home anyone get left out.
7:53 am
>> guess people showed up thinking they had tickets to yesterday's game and really they had tickets to the home game 3 and that was home
7:54 am
game one yesterday. today is home game to. >> so what do they do. >> so they were turned away they did not to go until home and three which will be today's home game to game 3 be right back. are you ready ?
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>> will tell you when you can see both games of the giants and a's coming up. san francisco sheriff ross mac 3 will be back on the job. that more coming up next @ñ
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kerman here is an era of the slayings. you consider. the start of about 1:00 in the morning . around 260 in the morning they declared the fire under control current fare so much water the there's a lake and the party lot. --parking lot ashbury were several businesses destroyed. you can see this
8:03 am
as a strict law and the parking lot and so full of fire fighters. they have an idea of where it started, but how it started remains a question. pam, it is so lucky that no firefighter stow through the roof-shares fell according to a firefighter schiff this fire was raging in both directions. kerman we have another fire in richmond
8:04 am
around 215 a m. bram watching bay area baseball the giants and athletics will play today. but both teams warmest might. it took an extra inning for the giants but they got it done. there's a 21 victory over cincinnati. they scored the first run of the game with no hands.
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hamas and it looks as if they're moving the motorcycle. pam drive times
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are not approaching an hour and a half from hyatf. i will ha complete report from we return. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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>> watching wall street their more losses for the dow. the palestinian 14,430-- security social security checks will be larger next year. recipients will see their texaco up by 1.3%. inflation numbers are coming out next week and that will
8:12 am
have some indication on the new numbers. >> next week the city council is considering a plan that involves distributing $5 million in federal, state, and private funds to the community housing development corporations. homeowners can get access to counseling. one of every seven oakland home owners received a default notice between 2006 and 2011. coming out and update on the hot spot that we have been watching. there was a motorcycle accident at that we just saw it move away. i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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>> the problems and the beast on are hot spots. >> it started with a single accident on the bay bridge in the westbound direction. this was during the 6:00 hour. a motorcycle plant crashed blocked the two left lanes. that is when things started to back out. the resulting backups' reached for miles. here at the bay bridge toll plaza of the
8:16 am
backup goes all the way into the macarthur maze. i was a more than a moment. the east shore freeway where jackie sissel has been watching there has been a new accident that occurred in the westbound direction. this is a bad day isn't it? >> yes it went from bad to worse traffic has and pushed to the side. there has been a complete traffic stop to get vehicles moved to the side of the road. you can see westbound 80 and how badly it is contested right now. i am at the albany not look like it's gonna get better anytime soon out here.
8:17 am
>> as we switch to the traffic map to concede that there's a lot of red here. it reaches nearly two well which is beyond highway 4. their 80 minute drive times from hercules to berkeley. add another 28 minutes to get from berkeley through the toll plaza out toward san francisco. you're looking at nearly two-hour drive times now. this is a good time the is the golden gate bridge as an alternate. ramon valley we did have
8:18 am
lanes blocked northbound at diablo road. the lanes are clear but the accident is not. is backed up all the way to san ramon almost all the way to anacostia. it has also affected the southbound ride that is now jammed up into walnut creek. looking at the san mateo bridge is also a hot spot this morning. it is not a good month. the golden gate bridge traffic looks like a fine ride because it is. here's erica with the weather. >> plenty of sunshine we do have some mid-level clouds in the distance. storm trackers for tells a different story to our south. we have some wet weather activity to talk about. we have seen umbrella. transitioning into the afternoon sun the skies and temperatures very similar to what we saw yesterday. current conditions of her '40's slow
8:19 am
on the north face. 48 in napa 55 for downtown san francisco 54 right now in san mateo. into the afternoon '70s widespread in the south bay. sunnyvale 7273 in los gatos. we could see some the '70s for one muckraking castro valley. 68 in san leandro. the east bay with the mid to upper sissies expected. 70 in napa and downtown san francisco los dixie's expected here. --low 60s we are still sitting well below the seasonal average. we had into the weekend and with
8:20 am
that we see women conditions around the bay. by sunday we cln th looking for a man that had a 14 year-old boy with his car. police say the driver of a red four- door sedan had the boy while he was in the crosswalk. he had minor injuries to his face and a tooth knocked out. anyone that witnessed this accident is encouraged to call police. >> to recent double homicides in the murder rate equal to last year. the mayor wants more policethe requd be postponed because it would have to wait a year
8:21 am
because of pension reform. the man shot and killed in a stolen car and at hayward last year has been identified. it happened their prior gateway and vanderbilt st. an officer ordered him to raise his hands and when he did not the police felt threatened and fired their guns. the victim had a prior record for stealing a second deadly weeks. >> several people have died from a rare form of meningitis that is tied to tainted steroid shots. tennessee has been hit hardest by the outbreak. the injections are usually used for back pain. the bad batch has been traced back to a pharmaceutical company in massachusetts. they have recalled everything they make. the united states supreme court is going to hear arguments for a civil matter. the university of texas uses race among many factors and to make sure they have a diverse student body. the rest of the students are admitted based on a class records.
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>> we are continuing to see fall because of the bay bridge back up this morning. accident stalls at the bay bridge have jammed up to ride. it is still solid, one of the biggest back of we have seen. the east shore freeway is back up all lee to panel. there's worst news yet. you can no longer use the golden gate bridge as a good alternate route westbou their bridge. the traffic is bumper-to-bumper all the way out to the one-on-one. one- on-one is starting to back up all the way to the sir francis drake turnoff. a quick reminder 680 is jammed
8:26 am
in both directions through the san ramon valley. >> we have live pictures
8:27 am
right now out of mount vernon ohio where mitt romney and chris christie will be attending a ton a town hall meeting. he is expected to stick to his script to promoting a better economy and more jobs if he is elected president. >> new poll shows run the has a small lead over president obama. most polls present voting for president obama. 50--47 percent are supporting romney. the poll was conducted after last week's presidential the date. there's a wide gender gap. romney leaves among men and present obama leads among female voters. we will be showing the update-- among female voters. we will be showing the update-- debate [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up.
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>>. our 836 pa.m. and there is a backup. it took nearly an hour to get everything cleared up and that started to back up the traffic. then we had accidents and the backup and the backup continue to grow. then we had another accident and albany here. we're looking at maybe 90 minute drive times on highway 4 in the westbound direction. >> what should be the normal? >> it should be a 26 to 28 drive time. look at interstate 580, is backed up nearly two san leandro. 880
8:31 am
north on this back up in the nortoakland. the golden gate bridge looks good but the westbound san rafael bridge to get you there is slow all the way across the span. there is bumper-to-bumper traffic here on sir francis drake boulevard. there is slower traffic their summer and getting to the golden gate bridge. the san mateo bridge is not a good alternate because of the construction delays here. you're looking at another 22 minute drive time for awry heading westbound cross that -west >> we are seeing some wet weather activity. we have light showers passing through really just up along the coastline. the yellow indicates moderate rainfall. it is closer to pescadero but this showers are moving
8:32 am
out of the area. drier conditions into the afternoon, i'll have the full details on what to expect in terms of your afternoon highs in just a bit. >> the developing story we're following out of the east bay this morning there is a fire they are investigating. there is a live shot even see the palace that caught fire. is a pallet manufacturing plant in richmond. let's turn to mike pelton who is live there now. these other workers who can't work this morning? >> yes they have to show up in the past hour to some of the damage behind
8:33 am
manufacturing plant. that is actually a holding company and some metal crates were destroyed. fire crews are now wrapping up after fighting this fire for four hours. here's some exclusivity of kron4 from a neighbor who caught this on camera about to 3:00 pm this morning. even see the flames and smoke is going about zero hundred feet in the air. there is a lot to burn as you can see the video. the person that took this video says that he was understandably quite concerned as he was watching this morning. >> i was thinking of the
8:34 am
devastation. there were chickens back there. those that about the 50 chickens that were kept in the scope back there. the embers were everywhere. i was singing about my house and my neighbor's house. >> all free read that was gonna catch your house? >> i was very concerned! i was only about two houses saying is likely a lightning strike that caught this plant on fire. it is a big loss to a lot of the workers and certainly the owners. >> it's a lot easier to see now. i did not envision homes so close to this earlier it was dark out.
8:35 am
>> certainly a jammed area. it their lot of businesses an of into this injured he cut his hand on broken glass. there were a number of businesses that were destroyed in the flames as well. chris and about two hours trying to contain the flames. the roof of the strip mall did collapse but
8:36 am
thankfully no firefighters fell. they were on a different part of the roof. there is a restaurant, travel agencies, as was a restaurant that was destroyed in this fire. they're still investigating the cause. >> the giants and athletics survive yesterday to play another day today to 63 onebona game and the first home game of the division of this series. the coliseum is a small ball park and major-league baseball. coco crisp caught the ball over the wall and broad france fielder of a home run. they won a two and nothing. we will have game 4 at the coliseum at 6:47 p.m. this evening. >> same as all year we had music going and the people going wild and going nuts.
8:37 am
we were just getting excited. >> being competitive first kind of takes over and you're not really worried about what's feeling like what at the time. the disney to make some good pitches and get people out. no was feeling great but like a city of to put it behind you. >> just an the u.s. anti- dumping agencies as that 11 are you ready ?
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c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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>> watching wall street and with more losses for the dow. there up 72 points today. we and has some
8:41 am
pretty good corporate reports coming out from costco. it is better than expected. we saw yesterday and today as well so that will cost and greater swings. the u.s. government is suing wells fargo over allegations of mortgage fraud. they've been accused of making reckless and fraudulent home mortgage loans. the federal housing administration had more than $1 million in cash and gifts. flat screen tvs and gift cards were included. in return contractors receive millions of dollars in defense business. all claim to guilty. three of them have
8:42 am
to pay $3 million in restitution to the irs. clammy as ice cream is voluntarily recalling all its peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. the peanut butter could be contaminated with salmonella. the peanut butter came from someone inc. and they are the same plant that produces trader joe's peanut butter. no illnesses have been linked t ol up.
8:43 am
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amonte fire crews have contained a big fire at a strip mall in union city that brown broke out around 1:00 a.m. this morning. one fire was heard with a cut to the back of hand.
8:46 am
san francisco sheriff is back on the job now. the board of supervisors fell two votes short of holding the official misconduct charges against him. a huge day in store for both baseball teams. they are both facing elimination games after they survived yesterday. they both won their game threes and will continue in the playoffs. the giants play game 4 in
8:47 am
cincinnati at 1 07 p.m. our time. the eight athletics play at home tonight but they need to win and they can do it. >> hot spots and the shore freeway at the bay bridge. will we talk about the bay bridge we're not going have to include the marin commute in the san mateo bridge commute and the intersc on the r beyond highway 4. the
8:48 am
freshman senator phil has an back up as well as our francis drake boulevard trying to get onto 11 southbound. it is not a great option for you right now. interstate 583 oakland has been backed up all the way and the san leandro. is one of the worst riots from macarthur freeway that i remember seeing. drive times a in the san ramon valley. it is still jammed in both directions because of an earlier occurring accident. it has however been cleared. the san mateo bridge needs to mention because of construction delays and people looking for an alternate to the bay bridge have jam this ride up earlier than usual. we're still looking at 18 to 20 minute drive times. most of this is because of the construction work at the base of the high-rise. there's a slow ride to the: gate bridge but to ride on the bridge is having now. we said it would likely see some of that heavy traffic
8:49 am
reach the bridge and that is exactly what is happening. is starting to slow across the span. >> we have more in a way of cloud cover. it looks a little overcast. that is pretty much went to this story as we head into the afternoon. it depends because we're still contending with this low pressure system you can see here. a lot of the wet weather is rotating heading out of our area but we are
8:50 am
still seen some light showers. his body of best along the coastlinan t door richmond some fifties. upper 50s for the north bay for places like santa rosa pret. after an highs again by 3:00 p.m. the '70s will dominate the south bay. 72 for senegal 71 for santa clara mid-70s the stories for frozen antioch and 72 for one muckrake. 71 for petaluma and 62 for downtown san francisco oakland with an afternoon high of 67. if you're heading to the a's game later tonight the first pitch is at 6:37 p.m.. expect temperatures and the low 60s and we will see an increasing cloud cover. seven their on the bay shows morning fog and afternoon
8:51 am
sunshine but we will start warm-up heading into the weekend. >> we have live pictures out of mount vernon ohio where mitt romney is now at the podium at this town home medium. he is talking to the workers and talking about what he can do for american business and america's top force if elected to the position of president. let's listen in. >>. > karen was kind to remind me that this is press can it cancer awareness month. she gave me this and that i'm wearing this morning in her honor and honor of my wife and the honor of all women across america who have battled this terrible disease. they know of our commitment to defeated and provide long lives to our fellow citizens. this is an
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
important time for america and i appreciate your willingness to stop production for a couple hours. hopefully not too long here. to have the chance to speak to. i'm going to turn to for questions and just a few moments in answering a question to the like. and if they're real tough i was as [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price.
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>> actress lindsey left hand and her mother dan are making headlines this morning. police were called to her home thin new york because of a fight that happened between her and her mother. this happened earlier today. they say her mom was drunk at a nightclub and she wanted to leave and go to a hotel. her mother wanted to go back to their lgim he is one of see fires at was suing
8:58 am
the league over head injury. he spent 12 seasons with the team but you may know him as the dad from the 80's sitcom webster. he was also among go and a comedy blazing saddles. >> will have an update on the commute which has been a mass. this came from the bay bridge problem and now is causing other problems as well. we will be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
we start with traffic and not much relief for commuters this morning. in fact the traffic seems to be spreading. >> it is spreading and getting worse rather than better. it all started with
9:01 am
9:02 am
the bay bridge. accidence this morning that amount with stalls and problems on the approaches. we are still reeling from all the effects of it. it still does not look great there's not a lot of movement here. this 80 approach has been backed up it is then about a 25 minute drive just to get through the back up behind highway 13. this is all result from the backup on the bay bridge originally. the san mateo bridge, lookit this. we've had our own construction
9:03 am
issues here southey's drive times have been twice the normal anyway. is still slow 18 minutes here because some many people are headed south. they now want a deal with the bay bridge this morning. sadly this is not been a great commute. we have another hot spot that is in the state 680 through the diablo valley both north and south on lanes are jammed up. it is jammed up all the way from out costa into danville. southbound traffic is jammed up and to walnut creek and 680 south coming through concord in pleasant hill. we'll have to the weather, here's erica. >> let's look at downtown san jose we have some cause to contend with but we are starting to see the sun shine. the day planner shows that we do have the potential for some thunderstorms and light showers again. we saw that this morning and we do have the potential as we headdumpingd this morning that 11 former
9:04 am
teammates of lance armstrong have testified against him. more details are expected the coming this afternoon. this probe is expected to raise some eyebrows sang that armstrong was in a vault in described as the most sophisticated and intricate a dumping scheme in sports history. 26 people on the racing community including armstrong's teammates have testified that armstrong not only dealt but encourage doping and even ed minister doping products on the team. the agency also said that the evidence to see later on reveals " conclusive and undeniable proof that brings to light of day for the first time this systemic
9:05 am
sustained and highly professionalized team run doping conspiracy. stay tuned to kron4 and we will have more on this story throughout the day. >> a great day for bay area baseball. both teams still live in playing today. they both won last night during a do-or-die situations. the reds' third baseman made to out there and the 10th inning. it gave the giants
9:06 am
the go-ahead run in a 21 victory over the reds. the giants with only three hits on the night. the reds still have to one lead in the series. one of 7:00 p.m. our time is the start of the game. the athletics also survive as they come back to the coliseum. here was the play of the game coco crisp andr u.s destroyed nine businesses
9:07 am
and caused the roof to collapse at one point. also the firefighters got here around 1:00 this morning and they saw smoke coming from the roof. at that point they thought they were able to go inside the building as well as walk on the rooftop. it got so hot so quickly that at one point the fire exit cause the roof to collapse just a few feet away from where the firefighters were standing. there are about six of them and they said let's get out of the roof and the building and shoot f6 6 c1 figure out the cause of the fire. they spent about an hour's train in that one place not to mention the heat. they will find that eventually the cause of this fire. one firefighter did suffer an injury he got a cut hand because of share class but it could've been a lot worse. --shattered glass. just give you a live
9:08 am
shot you can see these some much water at this place that looks like a lagoon in the parking lot. they needed more help from other departments. they call that mutual aid and there were about 60 firefighters to two hours to put out the flames. we will be back with
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> look at the san mateo bridge it is also here.all slow.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> the dow jones have dropped a ganed today.again todt ascii c c have axed face book ask the seasec for facebook to
9:16 am
keep their data hidden. this is just a another black eye for the company. thesee wal-m's is picking up other items that other stores are carrying. wal-mart is expected to do next day delivery for the holiday. this is amazing and it is good for the consumer. they're all so will accelerate their stores by the fiscal year of 2016.
9:17 am
they're doing everything they can to keep moving. costco also came out with good numbers. wal-mart's stock has been doing good and their dividends have been raised. if you want a company that makes a lot of money that you should go with wal-mart. >> toyota has this massive recall. it has been over 16 years since we have seen this. it is just the windows that are having this problem but a day produced smoke a little bit. this
9:18 am
hurts the toyota brand because they used to have super quality. this will not cause any deaths but it will be how long it takes to get the parts. >> there are no more paper tickets. apple has this new ad where you can push everything. you can buy and sell tickets there. the
9:19 am
digital tickets will replace the paper tickets. when you will lose a little of the cherishing of the tickets because of this. >> 9:18 a.m. is the time let's take a look at the weather. we saw showers and isolated thunder storms earlier. that is pretty much out of the air now. it is slow to warm outside but it is 50 degrees in santa rosa. it is currently 58 degrees in fremont and we will check out to how far the numbers will rise for the after noon. we will see sixties for the coast line. everyone
9:20 am
is in the same ball park of numbers and as we head into a p.m. tonight it will be '60s and some fifties in the north bay. 72 degrees is expected for sunny veil.vavial. downtown san francisco will be at 62 degrees. what about the oakland a's game? changing it will be pretty cloudy so you should bring a jacket. >> we will be in the low 80s on sunday and you can expect low 70's along the coast. we will continue with this warmup starting the next
9:21 am
week. >> and the only area that we do see slight improvement is on interstate 580. 24 and 80 are still backed up. this is the ride coming down from albany. look at how the traffic is just crawling along. it is miles of slow and go along the zero upper and lower east bay. it is still heavy common on 1 01 south bound. people are trying to emerge on to 101 to use the golden gate bridge as an alternative for. there are still pockets of slow and protracted on
9:22 am
the macarthur freeway. we still have a major problem during. there is still clearing from an accident that occurred an hour ago. the san mateo bridge has
9:23 am
had its own problems. drive time is still twice or more than the normal 11 minute drive time. do not try to ahead into the san mateo bridge until after 10:00 a.m.. >> here in the kron 4 news we are following decision 2012. they are at a town hall meeting and mount vernon, ohio. we are keeping an eye on everything and romney is pushing his message that his plan will like to remind you that if vice president biden will be speaking on tomorrow night. turn to comcast 193 to watch the debate. >> it is 9:23 a.m. and we will be right back with our continuing story about the
9:24 am
bay area hot spot with traffic. iwe will be right back.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> welcome back. a challenge of race for the university of texas is being challenged in court. >> to american researchers on win a nobel prize for research. brian and robert
9:28 am
studied a group of protein receptors. boom royal swedish academy said the work that they did was ground breaking here in [ male announcer ] sizzler's classic tri-tip
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9:42 am
>> will come back cray coal is recall nam 58 bregraco is recalling a lot
9:43 am
of high chairs. take a look at your screen graco advises you to not let your children said at day's high chairs. >> the traffic is still at a crawl here.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> here is stanley roberts, who found some people behaving badly. >> at this very day you can
9:47 am
find people running the red light. they know that this is against the law and not safe. the city of oakland have at least 13 cameras at intersections. here is one at the sixth avenue. in my years of current traffic i i did not say a lot of red light runners. you cannot argue that the first six months of 2010 that onl i can ga dime and revenue from these cameras. are you ready for
9:48 am
this? >> stop running red lights. the city is no revenue and the roads are safe. this is a win when revenue. >> let's get to this hot spot valley have been dealing with all morning long. >> i hate traffic and i would be pulling my hair out
9:49 am
right now. i am sure that a lot of people who were stuck on this bridge did the same. shall we are still backed up at the bay bridge. things are opening up a bed of this is of no interest and no relief for the people for are stuck on an error state 80. we had a motorcycle accident here and it should not take them tic to stay on 580 and take 580 out a different way. the ride on interstate 580 has improved and it is no longer back of beyond highway 13. this is a better bet for you but it is still slow through the macarthur mayes. things are improving
9:50 am
and it is a 15 to 18 minute drive. it is still slow with its ban. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. the other hot spots that we have been tracking for the last hour and a half his allies on highway 680. the traffic is only beginning to the
9:51 am
amount in the northbound direction. traffic is still backed up through walnut creek. >> we are pretty busy ourselves and the weather center. mainly along the coastline. we did see some instances a lightning strike during the past hour. the majority of the bay area is dry. it is 57 degrees in oakland and futureca xed that by 4:00 p.m. will
9:52 am
hold on to the '60s. afghan we are working with a tight range of numbers and by 8:00 p.m. tonight will see low 50s. let's focus on afternoon highs. it will be low seven days throughout the south bay. let's turn our attention to livermore valley area. it will the upper 60s for leandro and up the celebrity web site tmz
9:53 am
stated that the mom was drunk and want to take the car home and that the mother stretched lindsey's leg. tice alex harris former nfl linemen died at 77 years old. he was one of the people so when the lead over ahead injuries. he spent 12 years with his team and his star as the dead and the 1980 webster. alex harris passed away a gang as 77 years old. >>
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> bay area baseball. the giants will pa
9:58 am
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